Tuesday, June 4, 2013

{kids} art project

It all started with a creative mommy blog...the idea of going to search for leaves and displaying them on the window...hmmm, I didn't even bother to check out the post. My mind started working like a hamster wheel of how I could do it, in my own little way. So, I have no witty name for this project....but I like to call it leaves on contact paper.
step 1. gather your kids, get a basket, and push them out the door to gather nature's daily gifts
 Step 2., 3., and 4., cut out your contact paper double the size you want your display to be. tell your kids to lay out nature's gifts. fold over your contact paper and press. 
Now display however you want! I chose to put up the kids work on the window so we could examine them further. 

Been getting inspired by different artists online that sketch from live flowers they have or have picked up so i thought i would do the same in our handmade sketchbooks from our shop: ShopWitty
ink and prismacolors
Meanwhile, my calla lilies are now closing up, so I thought I would enjoy them more if I put them inside. I can't let them go to waste, so I captured them beautifully one cloudy afternoon. 
It's been sorta boring around here...I have lots of projects I wanna do, but the day seems to just slip by. 
I have allergies and am not feeling 100% lately so I've taken care of myself and rested up. 
Homeschooling Andrew has kinda taken a backseat because the 'school's-out' feeling has kicked in. BUT, we are not quitting! One of my goals is to have Andrew begin to read by himself by the end of the summer, and we will work on that on a daily basis whether it be with bath crayons, foam letters, iPad, or just plain pencil & paper. And lots of library time. 
Anyway, we will be traveling around like the circus for the next week so pray that we all make it to our destination{s} safely and that we don't run out of clean underwear.  
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