Sunday, May 26, 2013

this week

Ahhh, so this is what went down this week. I feel so fulfilled lately, it's hard to pick and choose which moments to share with you that won't bore you to death! Haha! 
And you know I gotta start my day with a fruit smoothie {licuado, in Spanish}! This one was extremely delicious because of the pineapple! It was a golden pineapple and so juicy! The husband and the oldest are the pickiest eaters, so me and Jonah get to enjoy this stuff all to ourselves! Just mix, 
  • Handful of strawberries
  • Handful of cut-up pineapple pieces
  • Ice
  • 1/2 cp milk
  • 1 tsp of vanilla
  • Sugar to taste

Put it in your blender and voila! Awesome-sauce.
And Andrew, the oldest, is ever so excited about finishing home school for the year. But I swear he still enjoys his little worksheets that prompt him to use his creative noodle. For example, a chicken is not called a chicken when you're teaching a toddler to read. It's called a hen. Because it rhymes with ten. And men. And pen. You get the idea. 
So when we had to draw lines from our word to our picture, instead of lines, he drew chicken feet. Certainly made it much more exciting and I got a laugh out of it.
And then he drew waves to connect the picture of the boat to the word. And scribbles from the picture of a pen to the word. What a goof. 
The littlest one, Jonah has been begging to do school as well. And while I don't have a curriculum, the internet is my best friend for finding things for him to do. I helped him gather things of the same color and stage them for this photo, I made sure to let him know that they are blue in some hue or another and named them all off...It was all fine and dandy until he took that blue marker and traced his hand all over my table. 
{By the way folks, our handcrafted journals {pictured top left} are totally up on our etsy store: ShopWitty. Go check them out HERE or click on the widget on the sidebar
And when the boys do really good in school, they get rewards such as Skylanders and iPad time. 
The Houston summer is so near that I could cry. Our perfect weather is gone. I can't go outside without sweating. So when the boys beg to go outside, and play their little hearts out with neighbor kids, they need a quick cool me down. 
Have I told you my Jonah is a little fish? He loves bubbles and becoming a prune. Our patio, or should I say concrete slab, is uber small but it doesn't hinder our ability to use it! 
This week, the boys watched an episode of some cartoon where they teach you to use a camera and so they begged to take pictures with my camera. I usually let them handle my girl, but with a lot of supervision. After all, it's my baby. And Jonah managed to capture these beautiful faces below. 
We are the silly Wittys. Nice to meet you. 
Oh and this week, we had some major food-faux-pas. Chicken---Oh, how I despise cooking you! 
It's best I just stick to my normal awesome made-up recipes with beef and tortillas and salsa and remember to add a margarita. That's better! 
This week was also for project completion! Well, almost completion! I have so many projects that I don't know why I get myself into them. Why can't I just be boring like all the other people on my weekends!?! Oh, that's right, because it's boring and unproductive--my polar opposite. Two of my projects involved paint and sewing. 
Welcome to my happy place. Next weekend, more journals and screen printing!
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