Thursday, May 30, 2013

simple moments >> found inside

I think this is my first post in only black and white photos so I hope you guys enjoy them. Participating in Simple Moments with Brooke from Myreal.Everyday.Life . This week we had to photograph Found Inside moments...
We have been spending most afternoons inside because the sun hits the front of our house hard. I'm okay in spending it indoors as long as we take advantage of the not-so-hot weather during our mornings and mid-days. While indoors, I usually let the boys watch some Netflix while I craft, DIY, clean up house or start supper. Such is domesticity. Anyway, enjoy. 
A midst renovating and re-organizing our shelves, the girls play hide & seek. 
This guy cannot sit still in these yellow chairs. He will make bridges, jump from one to the other, do the splits, build 'beds', turn upside down...Oh, how I remember those days! 
What my floor looks like most days: empty sippy cuts thrown a strew, toys everywhere, cats & cat hair everywhere. And dust. UGH. Oh dust. Why do you keep coming back, dust!?!? P.S. I hate you.  
And this guy... cannot give up his blanket. It's 77 degrees always in this house and he thinks it's cold. 
Ms. Prim always the curious watching my cursor on the screen, while Ms. Rue licks her butt. 
simple moments is about finding the small things that make up our everyday, things we want to remember and be thankful for. it's the little bits of our lives that might not be remembered when we are gray and old. so we document it, on paper, with a photo, in a journal, through a blog.

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