Tuesday, May 28, 2013

quicky quivers - a diy

the family I married into, is obsessed with guns. and bows. and knives. after all, they're from the texas.
and frankly, even though I wasn't raised that way, i've come to really like that. guns and bows that is. 
i secretly wish i had a bow so i could pretend to be Katniss from The Hunger Games, because let's face it, she's amazing. or even better, Merida from Brave!!! {you guys don't even know how bad i would like that} but since owning a bow would require me to have targets to practice on, it's just not a feasible plan in my life right now. 
so when i walked by this bow & arrow set at the party store, i had to get them for the boys. all the other sets we have have no more arrows--it was time for some new ones! 
unfortunately, the set doesn't come with a quiver, and more often than not, strewn arrows get my eye twitching like crazy when it's time to pick up toys. 
so i present, the easy peasy, toddler quiver for your bow and arrow set! 
ever since i received that new table, my sewing projects have breathed life again! and i am so thankful for having it even though our living room is quite crowded now. i decided on a whim to whip these up. the husband said, 'that is awesome' in a very approving way, so i was very pleased. and the boys were too! 
you can see it's not perfect, but it's amazing what you can do with left over fabric and 20 minutes! now, i'm not posting a diy because i really stink at writing out directions, let alone following them, so i will leave you with a simple template. if you have basic sewing skills and a brain, you can figure it out pretty easy. and please, don't be shy if you have any questions!

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