Thursday, May 23, 2013

more than satisfied

You guys, I obviously have a fascination with my plants. Like, I loooveee them. I don't know what it is, but they bring me joy every. time. I take care of them like my actual babies {humans and felines! I only birthed two humans, but you get the point, right?}
Anyway, I didn't actually want to bore you to death with more flower pictures this time around, I had other bloggy plans. But I felt to totally put these on {paper}. 
Uhh, it's going to sound weird, but plants are teaching me a virtue: patience. Like the kind I wasn't blessed with.You don't know how many times I've waited for these flowers to bloom only to have to wait another day. 
Like my Dahlia down there... {the peach orange colored one}. My most expensive plant and it only blooms once every two months {I think}. Talk about the wait! But when it does bloom? Those colors make me want to go to the nearest Lowe's and get that same exact hues to paint my entire living room. 
And then there are these....
My calla lilies. I've never actually planted them, I was gifted them already blooming. So when they "died", I was quite upset. I re-potted the bulbs, waited, waited, and waited some more. And holy peanut butter balls, I shrieked one morning when I saw the elongated white blooms starting to develop. And now, every time I walk past them, I feel pride. I don't know whether to cut them off and put them inside my house or just leave them be. They went from tiny & little to long & gorgeous. 
And it only took patience, water, and sun. Some way, somehow, I can think of the relevance it has to parenthood or how God see us as His children, but I don't feel quite adequate enough to venture into that'll just leave you with this: GOSHDARNIT they're so beautiful and that's all that matters!!!
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