Monday, September 17, 2012

a Day in the Life

I've never been an early riser or a morning reader.
But since starting homeschool with Andrew, I've been determined to have some time to myself. I've woken up before 8 most mornings {HEY, that's early for me} and really appreciated it with my amazing coffee, quietness and total ME time. AHhhhh! It's been feeling so good. 
So my Goodwill find last week was a total bargain and also a good morning read.
Lately, I've completely neglected my camera. I don't know why. I just feel my photos never come out how I want them. That my subjects are too squirmy or that I don't have the 'right' eye to capture that.
Maybe I've lost the love for it? Maybe I need to practice more?
But I've made a small effort to continue snapping that shutter. I really don't care if I'll be the next booked photographer for some fancy wedding. As long as I have my memories on these digital pixels to remember when my mind fails me miserably these next long years, I'm good. 
 Some ME time has been finishing a painting for a friend. I knew that skin was hard.
I haven't painted it in years. CRAP it's hard. I was so happy when I was done with skin so I could paint what I love next: the hair! 
 I was pleased how it turned out and can't wait to see what she says about it.
I'll be a little sad to hand her over, but Florence was really creeping me out when I would come around the corner of our living room and would see her portrait reflected on the mirror from the opposite wall.
Also, a word of advice for my fellow painters--don't buy cheap palettes. 
Seriously. This is what 99¢ got me--a whole lotta frustration. You can't scrape that paint off.
When I worked at a sign shop in College Station, I became the master of shipping signs by make-shifting my own boxes. Part of my me-time one morning was making a box to ship two of my drawings to Abilene.
It is for an exhibit in October. It was from my drawing group I had every week.
And if it wasn't a 7 hour drive, I would totally go. 
SO, if you're in that area for the month of October, go see my pieces--better yet, go BUY them because they will be for sale I think...let me check on that. 
Needless to say, my paintings arrived safely :) Yeah, I rock. 
I've been praying for more work. He's been working it out for me that once I'm done with a project, He sends me one more project. So I'm really hoping to see that continue into something great. 
I'm thankful I have a third subject to capture because she really is a beauty. 
She's silly, she's messy, she's naughty, and she's sweet. 
She makes me laugh and she makes me angry. 
She's like Cat-zilla in Train town. She is such a poser.
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a picture of a lemon tree my sis-in-law has. 
I tried making lemonade with some green tea and I found out I am not a lemon person. I am a LIME person. You know, Mexican? These lemons taste like a bitter orange so I'm not used to their flavor.
But it made for a nice photo shoot. 
I've been scouring the internet for 'fun' learning activities for this boy.
One night, while he was sleeping, I walk into his room and he says "noo Mom! I don't wanna doooo schoooo.....l" Is school really that traumatizing for him? Is it because I've stuck to a schedule and forced him to grab his pencil so he can practice writing? Is it because he can't get to watch his beloved Power Rangers instead? I don't know. Someone says it just takes getting used to.
I've snapped pictures of the 'fun' activities so that maybe I can capture a smile but it's usually his concentrated face. He is not one to color so any time a page says "Color this"...we skip. 
He likes the Bingo dotters {is that what they're called?} though. 
And he loved making me a necklace {which I really wore} out of some wooden beads I had. 
He is really good with his little hands. His tracings have gotten so much better. He no longer asks for help with them. His cutting skills are improving.
We've been learning his name. He's already wrote it all by himself by just looking at it. 
 And you know you can't really teach a 4 year something without the 2 year old butting in, so I make him do some of the same things as Andrew. Never too early. He sings the alphabet with us, and counts.
Maybe he'll be like my genius, almost-doctor, smarty pants cousin. *fingers crossed*
 You know, the internet has all kinds of great ideas for kids. Color matching, letter tracing in flour, you know, stuff like that.
But they don't warn you that you need to put up the flour so that your 2 year old won't get into it. 
 Yeah, that was a stupid mom thing to do. 
Leave a stool by the kitchen counter where a pan full of flour lies. Genius.
 This kid doesn't like getting his hands dirty. Glue? Forget about it! I have to glue everything for him because he refuses to touch it. Dirt? Haha, no way. 
 I told you this guy was amazing with his little hands. I mean, have you seen the robots he builds?
Some additional crafts/activities he does are from the library and church. 
They have a preschool time at the library and it's become part of our school schedule. He loves the computer time more than books though, he has NEVER liked sitting through just any book. It has to be a specific book, like these crappy ones....
Church has become an important part of our week. I remember as a little girl being taken to Sunday school and learning all my stories there. I hope he experiences something similar and better. 
We've just started attending their Sunday school program called GIGL that includes pickles, almost imitating Veggie Tales. I asked Andrew if he wanted to get up to go to it and he said YES! and got ready for it.
I was totally expecting a no, by the way. So that was surprising. I'm glad he enjoys it.
I've learned that you have to make an effort to get out. To meet people.
To get involved. I mean, unless you like being a hermit.
 Our tiny little back patio is enough for them to play with water and be in their birthday suits--did you know it makes for less laundry?! That's a win for me ;)
And so daddy gets to come home, supper times comes, and night time routines commence.
Playtime before bedtime is definitely a must. Sometimes some Netflix helps. 
I mean, Andrew did get his school done and Power Rangers were promised.
Just hand JoJo his blankie and he becomes an instant snuggle bun.
Clean up, dishes, pajamas, brush teeth, story time, kisses and lights out! 
...and then about 2 potty times for each kid because if one does it, the other one has to do it too...
And that's a day in the life of the New Witty's.