Saturday, September 8, 2012

you're only 4, dude...

I can't remember how old I was when the 'boyfriend/girlfriend' concept was first introduced to me, but I assume I was pretty young. I mean, my first kiss was with a boy in Pre-K under a school desk. His name was Mario. Then, in Kindergarten, Gerardo was my 'best friend'--we played cars--he had cute blonde curls. I had a 1st grade boyfriend named Ashley who was from the United States {I went to school in Mexico, remember?} and he gave me gifts when we had recess since we were in different classes. 
I mean, all my life, I've bee boy crazy. Don't even ASK about high school, ok?
If I could do it all over again, I would concentrate more on friendships and stop worrying about if that boy in the band likes me.
It really all boils down to Daddy-issues so I won't get into that because that's just a LONG blog post all on its own, but I want to write about something that came up recently with Andrew.
We were doing school, and part of school is video time.
We are learning the Letter A and KidsTV123 has a song specifically for it. 
Coincidentally, it includes Andrew's name along with others that begin with A. 
I was singing the names along with the song, pointing out "there's Andrew!!!" and then my son stops singing and says....
I want a girlfriend. 
I said whaaaat? And laughed because I couldn't believe what was just requested.
He points at Alison and said he wanted a girlfriend, again.
Wait a minute dude, aren't you like, 4?
I was dumbfounded, I had no idea what to say. 
I played it off and continued on with the song.
While watching TV, he notices glamorous girls and calls them beautiful 
{he calls me beautiful when my hair's a mess and I've been cooped in the house all day, 
so I'm very thankful when he tells me that}
But where did he hear that term--girlfriend??
Did I teach him that? When? 
How does he know what a girlfriend is?
When we watch something on the TV, and a scene where there's a couple kissing, I playfully shield the boys' eyes and say don't watch! Don't watch!

But Andrew doesn't want his eyes shielded, he wants to see it all. 
Once, he said he wanted to kiss the girl too.
Whooa. I wasn't expecting to deal with this at 4. 
I'm totally ready to teach him the ways of a respectful boyfriend and what a couple needs and expects in a relationships, but not at 4.
Right now, I'll just play along and respect his TV girlfriend choices and help him focus on friendships, instead of romantic relationships. 
I don't know what I'm saying anymore...