Saturday, September 1, 2012

pre-k happenings...

Oh, it's hard being a 4 year old. 
Having to learn how to hold a pencil, erase mistakes, and follow directions.
It's hard to sit still when all you want to do is play. 
When the cat attacks your pencil because it's teasing her moving up and down.
Or when little brother just won't get out of your way because he 'wanna tolor' 

Our first week doing school was great!
There was a couple of whinny days when I had to bribe him with Power Ranger episodes & Spiderman stickers, but once he starts, there's this concentrated look that fills my heart.
We have line tracing, shapes, sizes, numbers, art/craft, & games. I include the alphabet this week.
Jonah's already colored enough pages to make an encyclopedia of every kind of scribble known to a 2 year old, and I find myself judging his artwork into a keep pile or recycle pile. 
If he keeps this up, we'll have to begin producing our own paper again
I did try playing Simon Says with the boys, and they LOVED it--although they really didn't get the concept of not doing things when Simon doesn't say. All I know is that their giggles were worth every second. 
Meanwhile, here's a sequence of how our potty routine goes:

Jonah! Go to the potty!
1. No Mom! {Cries}
2. {Silence} {Grunts}
3. Rrrrpppppp! {Slobber all over my face}

Have a nice weekend!!!