Sunday, September 2, 2012


So I heard about this new thing that the kids were doing.
It's called free-lensing.
It's when you take your lens off your DSLR and manually maneuver it to take some pictures.
freaky, huh?
there's a really simple tutorial here
I seriously needed a third arm to accomplish this...but some of my results were similar to using Instagram or some kind of editing software with various filters.
Below, is an example of the 'macro' capabilities and also the dark tone coming in from the top left corner is a result from the angle of the lens against the body of the camera. You get different effects depending on your light source, angle, etc. 
 I probably should work on the focus, but it was really tricky. 
I have to adjust 3 different things at once, while I have a toddler as a subject {who constantly moves} 
And my lighting could be a little better. 
But for my first try, I was surprised at my attempts.
I just wish it wasn't so risky--some dust particles entered my camera and I'm worried about them.
People suggest buying older lenses for this particular style but it still wouldn't stop any dust from entering the inside of my camera.
We'll see.