Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Towns

Ha, if you thought my crafty posts were over with, think again. 
This time this craft was solely for me because the boys didn't really help me do it.
The excitement factor of the town wore off after a little while for them.
And again, I got my inspiration from Dana Made It when she made a Halloween town. 
This wasn't supposed to be a craft! It was bizarre. It's like I really didn't want to do it, but I REALLY DID.
I kept thinking how tedious! How cute, but how tedious.
And then I looked at my corner in the kitchen where I had been collecting boxes to wrap gifts in.
Funny how they magically fit each other just right. So I taped them together.
And how funny that the white primer spray paint can just happened to be sitting there also on the counter.
So that's what happened folks. A magical Christmas town out of the boxes from my pantry. 
The left over glittery-sticky foam was from the gingerbread house kit I had bought the night before. 
And it wasn't tedious. At all. I loved every minute of it. 
The meticulous decorations. The cutting out of little doors and windows. 
The single moment of joy the boys had when they played with it. 
And then of course I had to get all the family out...Goofy included and a cop for security. 
Did I go a little overboard with this project? Be honest.... ;)