Tuesday, December 11, 2012


many may not have noticed, but i have unplugged. 
not from internet of course, {that would be ludicrous} but from this social monster that was overtaking my life.
oh how i loathe and love that thing.
I don't plan on getting back on there, except for maybe starting up a page to display my artwork.
I miss a lot of the gossip, news, and pictures and the temptation to get back on, some days, is great. 
But I don't want it controlling my thoughts, my every minute was being controlled by it, it was too much.
Feelings seemed to get hurt right and left. Useless clutter was taking over my wall. 
"Friends" weren't really friends. "Like" this and that. 
yes, I am a mean mother. 
What was the point, really? 
It's like those commercials that blast out "SHARE EVERYTHING!" when you really shouldn't. 
I am not great with words, I'm sure there are hundreds of other posts about this same subject written more eloquently than I can ever produce.
But there it is. There are people that Facebook was the only connection I had--and it was good and I miss it. But there's more friends to make and more NOW to focus on.
Obviously, I have more time. More time to dedicate to whatever I please.
My craft, my kids, my husband, my house, my photography, this blog. 
Now I can go like this: AHHHHHH! Such a monkey/monster/weight off my back.
If you want to reach me, I always check my email.
If I know you personally, you probably have my number.
For the time being, there's THIS space and there's THIS too.
And if you would like to hire me for anything artistic, there's THIS space as well. 
Please, the holidays are coming and I need to go shopping! :)