Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gingy's house

Christmas has many symbols. One of them being Gingy. And his house.
Shrek made him famous of course, and Andrew loves him. 
I kept avoiding actually making one from real gingerbread and kept having nightmares of icing all over my kitchen and little hands! {{shudders}}
So when we saw a Gingerbread house kit on sale at the craft store, Andrew didn't let go of it for one second. So when we came home, he roped Daddy into building it with him.
I actually didn't realize how many pieces the kit came with. OH. MY. GOODNESS--it was unreal.
Its pro: it was a great pattern learning experience for Andrew who didn't mind sticking all those little shingles on Gingy's house
Jonah had fun decorating the tree. And getting to put on Gingy's gum-drop buttons. 
Brothers working together while Mommy snaps pictures and creates memories.
OHhh and finally....
Gingy's house was incredibly cute, guys. I was so thankful we had found that kit. 
It made the boys happy, helped with their motor skills, and now it's part of our holiday decorations.
And the proud little boy decided that he needed his picture taken with his master-piece.  
It wasn't all glitter and gum-drop buttons though. The day after, I discovered Gingy's house all torn up and in complete disarray because obviously Jonah doesn't understand the meaning of playing with something without destroying it. That's why the tree's decorations are gone and Gingy is MIA. 
I was just thankful Gingy was found!