Saturday, December 15, 2012

This December

In December, 
Late mornings end up with gallos or hair that sticks straight up from being in bed.
Frowny faces because someone didn't want to sit in a particular chair.
And the most beautiful pair of eyes this mother has ever seen. 
December days are also for 
Christmas programs
Silly fart sounds from your mouth
December days are for 
Lounging on the couch with a kitty and Franken-Blankie
Christmas Netflix favorites after lunch
And non-educational games on the iPad under a blanket so no one can bother you
December days are also for 

Day trips to the mall fully equipped with ninja swords
Escalator rides
Colorful potty breaks 
And a very important stop at the Lego store

December days are also important for
The sweet hug-reward from Daddy when he knows we've been patiently waiting for him all day
School breaks which involve playing UNO with a brother
Goofy faces with Mommy before bedtime
December is also for
Impromptu photo shoots with babuchas at 4 o'clock in the afternoon
December also brings
CitiKitty kit for potty training kitties in the commode
Red Tulle for beautiful neck bows and
A tree skirt that acts as a bed
I'm gonna be so sad when December ends. I'm really enjoying this time with the boys. 
The Christmas music I've been listening to on Pandora. Including this Playlist {Click it, I dare you}
The lack of Christmas food I've been making but ohhh sooo want to make
The time with family and the pictures I'll take. Because I can't remember anything anymore. 

Are you a Scrooge or a total nut for the holidays?