Wednesday, October 12, 2011

quit chucking my corn, Chuck!

Nov. 8, 2011
SPECIAL NOTE: I wrote this post unknowingly using the word "chuck" instead of "shuck"--and I'm leaving it like that because it goes with the post title :) 

Have you ever felt out of place, not-normal, or even cool?
 Well, this corn has. Check it's UNIQUE!
I say OUT with the Squares and IN with the Drapes!
If you're like "whaaa!?" then click here

My folks-in-law brought over some corn they had bought on their vacation to Colorado. I've never been one to grow, chuck, and freeze corn. I'm more of a eat the corn girl. Specially with some Tajin. MmMm! That's how we Mexicans enjoy our corn...

So I ventured onto my back stairs, sat down and started chucking corn while I let the kiddos play.

Andrew asked if he could play with water, and I normally let him do so
After telling him to not point the hose in my direction...
...RIGHT AFTER I snapped this, guess where he aimed that darned water hose?
Water on my lens. OH, I freaked out,
So then, this happened...time out.
Crocodile tears and eyebrows that drive me INSANE!
If you know me well, you know I can't handle messed up eyebrows, it drives me NUTS. My children have been blessed with such wacky eyebrows. I'll take a deep breath now.
After his time out, he ventured over to me and wondered what I was doing.
He said, "ma, iwannadoit!!!"

Once again, my motherly expectations of what my son likes/doesn't like were NOT on the money.
I thought he would be grossed and creeped out, but turns out he loved it.
He loves picking at things and pulling the hairs off the corn was so captivating.
Of course Jonah had to taste it. And get in our ways. Thank goodness he's cute, otherwise...ahh, never mind.
I had totally expected to find worms, but my biggest excitement was trying to scare Andrew with them.
I guess he must be a FULL boy now, because all he wanted to do was look and pick at them.

I'm loving these fall days of high 70's temperatures. And I'm loving my back stairs even more. 
They might be small, but they are perfect for us.