Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Knights Night!

I remember high school. The pep rallies, the social angst, the rebellious years, the thinking "you know everything" stage, the boyfriends (ohhh, the boyfriends...), my car, my waitress job...
But I don't ever ever remember wanting to be a cheerleader. Or a Stingerette (the dancing girls)...
Oh no...I was way too good for that. I was not preppy, nor was I a hick in this self-proclaimed Cowboy Capital of the World--oh no sireee.
I was punk, rock n' roll, metal rock, concert goer who liked to piss off her art teacher with nudity artwork. 
Until I became a Mom. But that's another story.

At the end of summer, my mother informed me that my little sis wanted to become a cheerleader. 
My heart sank pretty low, I was depressed for weeks--I was in denial. 
No, not really, I just said in really bold letters, "WHAT?!?" 
{if you can actually say bold without saying the word bold out loud}
WHY? Hadn't I taught her better? Hadn't I taught her priss=bad, badass=good.
But let's face it. This gentlest cowgirl just wants to cheer, and what other choice do I have but to support her?
When I saw her in her uniform, a little bit of me died--just a little.
I couldn't help but just shake my head.
But let's be honest. She looks freaking cute. 
Looks so preppy I'd never hang out with her, but I'm glad I know her on a personal level and I'm proud that she's actually trying this cheerleading mambojumbo stuff out...
She's getting to do what she wants to do, and that's all that matters.
I came to visit because it was the Home-schooling football team's Homecoming night and of course, we had to show our support.
I experimented a lot with the sun and my camera, so maybe you can forgive my newbie-ness.
There was lots of hand signals. And a lot of girl talk trying to decide what cheer to do next.

Oh, and of course glitter and best friends...
{in my head I'm saying it super Valley Girl, so come on, try it with me}
And yes, we were there. We were there cheering with a little bell that sounded like a BIG bell, and Tia Betsy joined us too. And we actually watched football...something we Aranda-Sandoval crew NEVER did until my grandmother and my husband made it a requisite Saturdays (for college, duh) and Sundays (for the Cowboys, duh). And now, apparently Fridays (for JV/HS football, duh).
Andrew immediately spotted the big kids and decided he wanted to play football.
Off he went. The big kids didn't even care that he was all up in their faces. They just ignored him
He did manage to suffer an injury and sure made us know about it. 
Andrew has fully recovered since then.
Glittery bows. Ring Pops. Veldhuizen cheeseburgers. Life couldn't get any better.
Except it did. 
With beautiful sunsets.
 A blue-mouthed baby. 
And a mini football thrower that never stopped running.
 Eventually it got cold, we got hungry, and we ran out of money to buy 'supplies' so we packed up and jetted off!
Oh, and the Knights won.