Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hey everyone! I've never been one for tattoos although I've thought about them endlessly, and still after 11 years of never deciding what to permanently ink myself with, I've decided to pay tribute to my sons (I mean, 'cause giving natural birth to them is not enough, right?) by ordering a special piece with their birth-dates on them. A good friend of mine has set up shop on Etsy and when I found out she (and her talented husband) made these pretty little things, I just knew I had to order one. 

 Andrew's Side
Jonah's side

...and Happy-Early-Christmas to MEE! 

No, but seriously. I wanted to take this post to another, very important level.

Right now our community is trying to raise money to help someone with Type 1 Diabetes. Oak Tree is doing a charity/fundraising piece called Ashley's Ring where all proceeds go to helping Ashley find a Diabetic Alert Dog. 
Ashley's Ring - Handmade Twisted Copper - Fundraiser for a Type 1 Alert Dog
Ashley's Ring from Oak Tree Jewelers
Ashely is the daughter of another good friend of mine. You can read more about them and help spread the word by visiting this Facebook page and by purchasing Ashley's Ring from Oak Tree Jewelers. 
They have also have a direct donation Facebook page here.

This little girl is something else, and she doesn't deserve to live in fear from this horrible disease.