Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween with a Dead Camera

Nana and Papa came to visit a while back. Nana had gotten some goodies for the boys. Goodies she knows Andrew loves. 
Goodies that we knew Jonah could eat.
Goodies = gummy stickies!!!
Gummy stickies + Jonah = no good. 
So we decided to put them up high where Jonah couldn't reach.

Andrew loves those things!!! 
 Just check that little accomplished grin! And Jonah 'embobeado' with something else that Nana had brought.
 That's RIGHT! A pumpkin carving kit, only not really. It's  one of those that you just stick the things on the pumpkin. After Andrew BEGGED and BEGGED for a pumpkin, we finally made our way to the store to get them. 
And he immediately put Nana to work. 
 Andrew helped. Jonah watched and got in the way as usual. 

 Give it back Jonah!
After Nana built up quite a bit of muscle over these, they were ready to show off our their handy-work.
 ...even though we totally got our pumpkins mixed up. 
Jonah's was supposed to be the smaller one and Andrew's was supposed to be the Spider-man pumpkin.
Great job!
We have them on our front porch, and the boys love playing with their arms anytime we go out. 

Folks, I have horrible news. 
My camera is dead. Like completely dead.
I've misplaced my charger and have no way of charging it up.
I haven't bought a replacement, because I know that as soon as I do, that darn charger will pop up.
(uh-huh, just like I said about my wedding rings...)
So I have horribly resorted to photographing things with my camera phone (ugh, just talking about it makes me wanna throw up)

I see other blogs that are really into Halloween decorations. Around here, we don't get any decorations up 'til Christmas.
But I do enjoy Halloween, it's just I can't figure out what the big deal about decorating is!
I mean, you just take it down a month later....
Anyway, it dawned on me to include the kids in the decorating process, like, duh!  
It was 9pm and I got some construction paper, scissors and a gluestick.
Immediately Andrew LOVED IT. I loved that HE loved it.
You should have seen the smile on his face. His eagerness to get started.
So I cut stuff up, and he pasted the things all over the place.
He had trouble pasting stuff together with the glue stick but man, did he try his hardest. 
Of course I helped ;)
We came up with these...

 And then later, I found the coolest thing off Pinterest!!!
These dangling bats and skulls from construction paper, tape and twine!
 Andrew loved to help me make them too! Now they hand in his room and he loves to be able to grab them and make them swing.
See how he got a stool and grabbed one? 
You don't see? Well, he totes did. 
So now his room is Halloween-y. We also have paper skeletons outside on our door. The kids love to touch the pumpkins and play with the paper skeletons. 
This was such a blast to do with him...although his taping and pasting skills need work :)