Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I was not there...

Here in Abilene, we have Balloonfest every year. You get up bright and early and see them take off into the blue blue sky.
We at the Witty household, make it a point to sleep in during the weekends and of course we miss the early morning-good stuff.
So we make sure to take advantage of the lit up balloons at night, in all their full-of-hot-air glory.
We visited them in 2009 and that post is here
My heart sank as we walked up to these balloons and the Dark Side of The Moon balloon was not a midst the others {sad face} 
 To be honest, I said "That's it?!" like a spoiled brat. 
I expected to see more. Like we did 2 years ago {we missed last years fest}.
Jonah had never enjoyed the hot air balloons and I was happy to see his little face mesmerized by the glow
They only glowed for about 20 sad minutes...
Pretty soon after we got there, the balloons started coming down. And again, like a spoiled brat, I was pissed and disappointed.
So we ventured into the mass to see what else we could do.
 Choo-Choo train ride anyone? Can you guess who was uber-excited to ride it?
And afterwards, we waited and waited in line for some candy and popcorn.
Daddy and his boys!!!

You know what's weird? Kids. Their minds are so amazing, so child-like that we, as adults forget how they work. The whole saying "to be {or think} like a child again" often pops into my head.
Remembering when I was a kid and all the stupid, non-sensical ways I thought.
How I made grown-ups laugh because of the silly things I said and did...
The kids constantly remind me of that---and they crack me up daily because of their weird  little minds.
The wonders of being little.
 Andrew has always rejected being pulled around by a monkey on his back.
Until he discovered that when you put it on, you can be yanked around and played with until your heart's content. So that night, he made it a point to bring 'monkey' and make Mommy pull and tug at him on our walk back to our car. He laughed and laughed. 
Oh, to be a child again.
And on our walk back to our car, I discovered an amazing photographic opportunity to capture...
There I am!!! 2nd one from the right. *wink wink*