Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Genghis Birthday...

We have a very birth-eous summer, let me tell ya. 
My birthday is May 9th.
Jonah's birthday is July 4th.
Gary's is July 28th.
Andrew's is August 7th. 
They're almost all back to back, which is awesome in my opinion...
Moomie, my mom, always makes sure of noting birthdays, she's good like that...
...and when at her house last time, she came out with a bag that was super heavy and told Gary "happy birthday"
He got a BIG suprise!
If ya don't know Gary, he LOVES Dr. Peppers. 
So conveniently enough, my hometown is Dublin, the last town that bottles Dr. Pepper with cane sugar and has the oldest bottling shop in the world. 
There's your trivia for today...FYI.
For his ACTUAL birthday, we went out to Genghis Grill, which is new here in town.
We had come once before during lunch rush and it was really good!
Gary liked it a lot more than me because he picked Genghis Grill over his usual steak request---GASP!
Ok, I'm being very dramatic today. 
Here are the pictures:
We were seated, and behind us was the massive grill they cook all the food at.
The cooks seem to have so much fun back there, they have it open for customers to watch their food being cooked.
Our server noticed that I was snapping pictures and said to come here. 
So I came here.
And she told the guys to make the 
HAHA! It was amazing!!!

Their facilities weren't spectacular as you can see all the food on the floor, but the FIRE was...
Andrew just kept saying "FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!!"
He was quite enchanting that night as I was snapping them pictures...
And then the REAL partying began...
...with crayons in our facial cavities, that is.
We had such a blast being goofy, the older couple beside us didn't think we were being funny though. 
They kept giving us stares...
Daddy did have to have his birthday Coors Light though...
So much love and goofiness...that's why I love my family
Now onto chopsticks!
It's all fun and games....
...until someone has to be "THE MOM"!!
The crayons were a hit. Wait, how old are you Gary? 9?
Finally our food came and we got to scarfin' it down.
Andrew was watching me eat with chopsticks and so, he wanted to try it too,
but of course, he needed help.
About this time, my camera died {{so sad}}...
So after our dinner, our server brought us a birthday dessert just for Daddy!
Except Daddy doesn't like brownies and ice cream, so me and Andrew took the whole advantage of it!