Monday, August 29, 2011

a green artistic thumb

I've never had a green thumb.
When I was in middle school, my sister and I grew some kind of seeds in a little cup. Mine never grew, but to say it did, I switched cups with my sisters so that I could tell her mine had sprouted and hers had not.
I also have parents who LOVE plants and have all kinds of greenery around.
While I may like looking at it, and for sure wouldn't mind having some, I've always had a fear of killing the poor things so I never exercise my right to plant plants.
But this summer, a new neighbor moved into our duplex. And she brought a shitload of plants onto our front porch.
And yeah, they're pretty. Yes, it made me jealous.
For a while, I've had an empty flower pot that was hand-made in Mexico. All alone--waiting to be filled with dirt and something. Why don't I have plants? What's the matter with me?
So I went out to get some plants.
Not flowers. I don't like flowers when they wilt and die. It breaks my heart. 
And then I realized they wouldn't all fit into my 6" flower pot all together {this is how inexperienced I am folks...} So I had to go get some more pots.
Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a big cheap-o. But when I was pot-shopping, I found these beautifully Italian made pots for just $2. {By the way, I've no idea what these things are technically called, so just bare with me}
And I thought that it'd be a great project to hand paint and give them a little color.
So, like always, I got my paints out from my neatly organized art desk {that's right hubs--neatly organized!} and I got to painting. Carefully imitating my ancestral artistic native people...or just plain talavera look-alike-ness.

And like a good artist, I only managed to finish 1 before I got bored and had to tend to the boys...

Finally yesterday, I kicked laziness in the butt and grabbed Sunday by the horns...

And this is what Andrew helped me with.
He LOVES painting/crafting/drawing/etc. with me when I'm at my {neatly organized} desk.

Pretty gorgeous, huh? ;)

I enjoy the time Andrew and I paint together. While he may not know exactly what he's doing, he enjoys it and it helps me develop my abstract skills even more. 

So here's my collection of beautiful plants in beautiful pots. Enjoy!

I have them by my kitchen sink and it makes me feel good just to see them.
To know that they're not dead.
To know that they're good for me and my family and my small duplex.
And while I may not have a green thumb, I am thankful for my creativity and the time I spent with Andrew. 

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