Sunday, August 14, 2011

Room Re-do

We have recently re-done our second bedroom in our small duplex. 

We didn't plan on it.

Just sorta happened.

Moomie just saw a bed that Andrew just HAD to have at a yard sale...

I mean, it's a pretty cool bed. 
Coaster 7239 Oates Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent
What do you think?

Except when we got it, it looked like this: 

It didn't have the tent-like structure when we got it.

While not a full bunk bed, I could picture Andrew and Jonah sharing this piece of furniture. They're little boys, for goodness sakes--not teenagers {we still have a long ways for that wink,wink}

So we were pumped about this new bed and all of its possibilities.

One huge drawback was that the slide really stuck out.
Do we have enough room for it in the tiny bedroom? 
We for sure had to rearrange something.

We'll see when we get there.

Another drawback: the color.
Eww. I could just puke all that primary color!!!

Gimme modern, gimme cool, gimme BOY BOY BOY!

Oh, and yet another drawback: How do we go about this color transformation? 
We got a quote to powder coat it. Waaay out of our budget.
So we ordered paint online because three stores didn't have what I pictured in my head here in town.

Wanna know which color we {read: I} picked? 

Key Lime Spray Paint - 249104 by Rustoleum

Lime Green. Ta-da!!!

Totally screams out modern, cool, and boy. 

Well, it did in my head.

So we got to dismantling.
We got to sanding.
We got to priming.
Then we got to spray-painting.
And our backyard looked like this:

My genius husband was operating smarts that day, y'all...

He hung all the pieces from the tree and made it super easy to handle and spray.

But it looked like all kinds of hillbillies lived here--HA!

So we waited for it to dry in the non-stop-sweltering-Texas head.
We re-coated, and we waited--again.

We were so impatient, we didn't wait for the fumes to dissipate and started to assemble it on Andrew's birthday {the 7th} while he was napping away in our bedroom. 

So giddy with excitement for him to wake up and realize there was a bed in his room!!!

Although he really liked this setup: See HERE 
{but so did his brother who could torture Andrew during time-outs and naptime}

When he woke up, he found this bright thing in his bedroom!

Now, he willingly goes up to his bed because it's so fun going up a ladder {so I doubt we'll be using it as a form of punishment now}.

Umm, we still kept his Toy Story bedspread and pillow because he's like 2 1/2 feet tall...come on, he doesn't need a huge comforter. 

And did you notice? No slide {shakes head in disappointment}
Maybe when and if we move to a bigger house, we will attach it and he'll have a blast then.

It took us a while to fit the entire bedroom where we had enough walking room, and the kids had playing room.

After we bought the boys' birthday present, we really were limited in space. 

So we played with several schemes. Several times.

And finally decided this was the best one:

The iPad has an app called Photosynth Panorama stitches several pictures together to create a panoramic effect. It's quite neat!!!

From the far left wall, we have the bookshelves where toys and books are stored.
Then we have the train station table (birthday present for the boys).
On the opposite wall we have the bed and underneath the bed, we have MORE toys organized in bins and a small shelving unit. 

On the wall with the window, we had to put the changing table since stinky-magoo still takes BIG DUMPS. 
I can't imagine not having it.
And it serves as more storage for toys, diapers, and such!

Our ideal setup is NO crib in our bedroom. Both boys in the bed, that way my Art Space on the far right corner of the room can go in place of the crib (again, currently in our bedroom), leaving a lot more space in the boys room. :) 

I said ideal, meaning one day. 

In the meantime,