Friday, June 3, 2011

Younger brother vs Older brother...and pool time!

I love summer.
Just not the heat.
And I like being outdoors enjoying some Vitamin D.
I also love laying out by the pool and doing all those activities one does in the summer. 
We've all come to know the blue pool.
The magical appearance of it, has been a godsend.
We filled it up a couple of weeks ago and the backyard has now become our 'beach' {despite the neighbor}!!!
We go out and enjoy it every day...and we love it!
sucking on a 'paleta'
he gotta go!!!
this is Jonah after. 
The Warning tag in the crib from the shades, and the curtains under his butt--little devil.
Jonah has become an adventurer. 
He's VERY mobile now, so he creeps from room to room, Andrew's being his favorite.
Now, he didn't climb up on here, but I found him standing up against it and decided he is almost ready to start walking /slash/ bike riding. Haha!
Andrew's new Bug placemat. 
These are his beautiful scribbles.
From the Amish Friendship bread recipe, I made this delicious chocolate bread
Now that Jonah's mobile, he's become somewhat of a pest.
He pesters me while at the computer, threatening to turn it off. 
He pesters Andrew when he's supposed to be in his 'time-out'.
He pesters Daddy while he's playing on his iPad too.
But one thing that I love watching now, is how Andrew HAS to interact with him now that Jonah can get up all in his business!!!
I've seen Andrew push him away SO many times, only to have Jonah crawl back to where he was and keep bothering his older brother.
But nothing beats these shots I got of him trying to get Jonah out of his 'fort'
See? Like a good, older brother, one must step on younger brother's head and whine to Mama. 
Once Mama doesn't do anything but grab her camera and crack up, older brother must take action into his own hands.
....AND PULL!!!
....AND PULL!!!
Those boys crack me up, sure makes it a fun day.