Sunday, June 19, 2011


We had the pleasure of being invited to Ian Taylor's bday party in Waco.

It was at a bounce house and we all know how fun that is... :)

Andrew had a blast, as well as every other kid in there!

Ian had a blast opening up presents, all the other kids couldn't stand not being able to open them. 
He said a hundred thank you's....what a good boy!

Spider man cake was pretty gooood!

Gorrito y su Capri-sun

We couldn't pry Andrew off the slide they we stuck around it for quite a while

The popularity would grow and wane...

Sometimes there would be slow-pokes and create a huge line...

Jonah didn't mind, I loved how his hair flew up!

Daddy took a cute pic of me and Jonah bear

We went back to the Taylor's house and lo-and-behold, a huge train set awaited the Witty boys!

Jonah was like Godzilla, destroying everything in his path.

Riley, Birthday-Boy Ian, and Andrew all "cheese"-ing it...