Monday, June 13, 2011

...this busy weekend...

If there's one thing that makes me feel most blessed is to know that my boys have family galore.

That's what you get when a family is large and has lots of occupants--duh.

I love getting together and seeing that these boys are loved!

Hang Ten Jonah!

Moomie does love a tickle fest

...putting all his dominoes in a row

Jo-Jo riding on Buzz

This weekend we volunteered a stop station for the bikers of Tour de Pepper in our hometown, Dublin. It was fun and exciting seeing all the riders and helping them rehydrate/replenish themselves.

The fam!

Jonah was a trooper, and Andrew wanted to be one too...

we sat down in the final minutes...

 Dawna and James go to camp this week and Jonah wanted to go too...

The one thing the kids love is the pool, sure cools one down.

 Tio can be funny, sometimes.

Andrew finally trusted his floaties.

And Jonah was chillaxin' in his tiger floaty.

How many things can one accumulate with both hands?!


...y comida rica!!!