Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my puffy pancake...

This morning we ran out of pancake mix, and I was in the mood for sweet bread and I browsed through all the cookbooks. 
Betty Crocker's New Cookbook was a wedding present from who knows who and I've never used it.
Anyone that knows me knows I'm not the greatest cook. 
But I delve a little into trying new recipes that sound appealing to me.
Unfortunately, my ability to follow directions 100% always makes the food not come out like the recipe picture shows, but hey, that's just my cooking style.
Don't get me wrong, I follow about 90% of the recipe and the food is always edible {{sometimes}}. And I always get onto Gary because he spends his time measuring and eye-balling the recipe step for step.
My excuse is: I am my mother's daughter. Let's leave it at that. :)
So this morning I open up Betty Crocker's book, expecting to find this huge, complicated recipe for simple pancakes.
Lo and behold, I found this short and sweet recipe for a puffy pancake.
With 5 ingredients, I was in for a WIN.
This is what the picture looked like, a perfect, puffy pancake with garnishes on top and a perfect glass of orange juice.

Below is what mine looked like.

Trust me it looked better with some powdered sugar and syrup but I was too busy eating it, I forgot to take a picture!
It came to about 1/4 inch thick, and sorta tastes like french toast.
The thing is, the pancake took 40 minutes to make and cook and would be a simple breakfast for two, or if you're real gluttonous, then just one.
But don't make it expecting to feed a family!!

Want the recipe? Email me.

So this was my creation this morning...it was yummy but not filling