Sunday, June 12, 2011

family reunion{s} comin' up!

I have taken the task of painting a finger print family tree for an upcoming reunion. 

We all know I'm a pretty good artist so I was excited to do it. :P

I looked up examples and liked this one a lot because it was drawn in pen, but I also wanted it to look like one here because it was colorful!

So I did a version of both...

Started with a quick sketch.

sorry for the crappy picture :(

Mixed my paints, and got to paintin'....

And finally, I did a pen outline which gave it more texture and depth.

I haven't finished it but it's gonna look amazing with all the fingerprints and framed once we get the reunion done with!!!

If you don't really know what this is, more examples here

And here's the final product!!

It came out pretty, huh? :)