Thursday, March 24, 2011

time to BLOG!

This was one of our family afternoons...


I mean my po' boy was bored to death!

Not even a silly face made him feel happy!!!

So we headed to Sonic where Andrew always yells out "I wanna go play!!!" when we drive by it. 


Because it's the only Sonic in the nation that has batting cages, a sand volleyball court, and a sand play area for's been featured on the Traveling Channel too!

It's his favorite place I tell ya. 

Instantly, he knew he was about to get some playtime when we pulled in.

Gary & Jonah just chilled for a while...and I was crazy snapping some pictures, 'cause you know, it's my favorite thing to do...

...and Andrew took his shoes off in 1.2 seconds and negligently left them there

"There goes my brother..." says Jonah

Annndddd awwwwaaaaayyyyy we go!



We won't forget about Jonah. He's old enough to have fun too.

He's a ham.

He's a poser.

He's a smiler. And he makes my heart melt. 
Every. Single. Time.