Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Robot Wall Art

Just a quick tutorial on some simple wall art. 

I saw some robot art and I wanted to do something similar for A's room. 

I have a lot of craft stuff and I rummage through it to see what I've got that can work and here's the end result: 

Cute, huh?

Well it's cheap to make, and not to mention easy. 

You'll have modern art on your wall...like these and these!!!

Ok so, to get started gather your supplies.

Hobby Lobby has lots of cute little wooden painted figures with lots of themes. 
I purchased the robot and the spaceship for 67 cents each {{score!}}

I already had the two blocks of MDO and all I had to do was prime them. But I'm sure you can find square wooden plaques at the craft store as well.

I also already had the spray paint. I decided that grey would go well, so I did 2 coats. 

Let them dry really, really good!!

Pick them up, turn 'em over and measure halfway.
Attach the hangers appropriately so you can hang on the wall (also bought from the craft store).
These are super simple, just peel the paper off the sticky part and stick on, they're awesomely sturdy as well.

Alright, now all you have to do is stick the robot/spaceship onto your block with foamy double-sided tape, or you could use any craft glue. 
However, I wanted them to have some dimension and it looks great that they're off the block.

{Press well onto the wooden block so they don't fall off}

Last, hang them up on your wall!

Here they are again:

I think these knock-offs are way cuter than the real, more expensive thing...

...but I'm biased :)

I made this tut for Made's Celebrate the Boy. 
She's a total genius with a sewing machine. 
She designates a month out of the year for boy things ONLY.
And I love it. Usually everything is girl, girl, girl....prissy, pink, and fluffy...
But not this month. 
Time to bust out my sewing machine, and dust it off...

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