Friday, March 25, 2011

a toofie and a freckle

Soooo now I know why you were sooo fussy all of spring break.

Your naps changed.

Your poop changed.

Your attitude changed.

You changed. 

WHY? You were perfect the way you were, but I guess it was inevitable. 

You gotta grow up and this is part of it.

Jonah's 2nd toof. I mean tooth.

We talk a lot of baby talk around here. 

There it is! In all its barely-protruding glory...

Second tooth, you were a pain in the butt.

With Andrew I never knew they were coming in because he never acted differently (he was just a hard baby all around), they didn't take forever to grow out all the way and he didn't slobber half as much as Jonah does.  

Now, since we've been spending a few days outdoors and our glorious genes that were assuredly handed down to us, I have discovered an adorable freckle on Jonah's left arm.

You can see it in this picture below...

Where in the sam hill is it, right?

Yeah, it's there....take a closer look:

I guarantee you it won't be his last...

Andrew already has tons on his cheeks and nose, and they are absolutely charming.

see here...

what? you can't see them?

So there...

....we're a short, big-head, hairy, and freckly family...

and I love it.