Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend with the Taylors!

This Friday, we went to Waco to visit some friends that we had not seen in a long time! Their baby boy, Ian, is 2 months older than Andrew and about 6 inches taller than him. I guess you could say they had fun, but I think Andrew felt threatened by Ian and his ginormous hugs and smiles!
Brady was trying to capture them on his iPhone, those are his stinky socks that Ian and Andrew were playing with.
Look how much taller Ian is than Andrew!!!

Here's one of Ian's ginormous was so funny!

Snack time for the boys....with vanilla wafers. Davin, the Taylor's dog, kept wanting to snack with them too and at one point snagged Andrew's and Ian's cookies from their hands. He also loved to licked their faces and hands...

Ian showing us how he throws his ball...

Andrew is in Ian's high chair eating pizza! We had to prop him up with some towels because it was definitely too big.

Here's Ian flirting with a girl in the restaurant, he's waving bye bye and he's blowing some kisses. He was the star at dinner! =)