Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Unicorn DIY Piñata

I bring you a quick little DIY post of Elena's unicorn piñata. Inspiration for this is linked at the bottom of this post!
If you need to see the post of the piñata getting bashed at the unicorn party, go here! If you want to see the cake and fun, go here!
Onto the DIY part...It all starts with a piñata as your base and mine looked something like this: 
It was all the wrong colors, a fat tummy, and short little legs. 
But it would have to do from our local Mexican grocery store. I stripped the piñata from the awful colored tissue paper and began painting the newspaper pink. In hindsight, I should have painted it white. I feel that my iridescent cellophane would have worked better with it. You can find it at your local store in the party section.
My tissue paper was mostly blues, turquoise, pinks and purples-you know, unicorn colors! I folded 3 sheets at a time in half, and cut it to make fringe. I then hot glued the ends onto a cardstock rectangle and then hotglued that onto the piñata for her mane. I made a 'ponytail' of fringe and attached to her tail. 
The eyes are from black cardstock and you can find that template at the bottom of this post. 

And voila! From a shameful little pony to a classy unicorn!
The piñata stick also got a makeover. I used some wrapping paper and then hot glued fringe on it 
Finally, I added the unicorn horn with sparkle glitter paper and hot glued it on. I must have measured it wrong because it came out super wide.... If I could do it all over again, I would measure twice, cut once! 
While Ms. Unicorn Piñata waited for Elena's birthday party, she lit up our dining room and created all kinds of amazing shapes and colors when the sun would hit her. 
This year, Elena was not afraid of that piñata. She went full force with her hits. 
Her hair and horn were the first thing to fly off, but Ms. Unicorn Piñata was still classy as ever. 
Annnd here's my mother pretending to be a unicorn. She's the best, folks:
A successful and quick DIY if you ask me :) 
The inspiration for this DIY is here. The eyes PDF is here

This is a super simple project and a quick Pinterest search can definitely inspire you for your next piñata makeover as well as make you a piñata rockstar (like me!).
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Have a great day!
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