Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Piñata Bashing & Unicorn Riding

We're continuing from Elena's Unicorn 3rd Birthday Party, so if you missed the first 2 posts, go here and here. There will be a DIY post for the piñata so be on the look out for that.
This is a mad and fast post so be ready for a lot of action piñata bashing and unicorn riding....There's also a couple of videos I put together so you can get a feel for how that day went by. 
We had everything for an amazing celebration-- unicorns, piñata, sweets, games, ice cream, goody bags, and kids! 
I'm amazed at how much fun every kid had and at how much I managed to eat and take pictures of, so please--enjoy! 
Andrew went a little crazy with the piñata...it's a phase 🙄
Even after cake and ice cream, the kids were still wanting those sugary sweets from the piñata (at least mine did, ha!) I tried to fill the unicorn with little prizes and not include much candy. 
And now it was time to ride the unicorn!
I think it would have been fun to ride a unicorn as an adult but you know us....we're much heavier than the kids--haha! 
Birthday girl started to get really sleepy by this time--it was way past her nap time! But she was the cutest unicorn in all the land!

I'll be doing a post of the piñata next because I know you're asking yourself how I did it.

Have a great week!
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