Friday, April 14, 2017

🤠 Houston Rodeo 2017

Good old Rodeo came to town again! This year we were able to go because we lacked commitment when baseball season came around. And I was glad. 
No baseball means freedom. And rides. Lots of rides.
We paid a small mortgage payment for parking and off we went to NRG Stadium! 
Thank goodness I semi-checked the weather because it WAS. SO. COLD. that day which is unusual for Houston. 
The boys got right to it and stopped at every single thing that caught their attention. All the radio stations were out giving free goodies to whoever participated in their games. 
But it didn't take much to convince them that there were rides to be we stopped at the first 'ride' we saw---the SUPER SLIDE. 
Elena has never been afraid to ride anything....but her brother insisted on coming along for the ride.
 See? He's a little speed demon....
Andrew went into the fun house, the clown house *shivers*, and the glass house. He loves them.
It was still so cold but the lines to wait for the rides were not bad. This year the boys had to adjust to waiting for sister to ride her rides. When we went last time, Elena was too small to ride anything (she was a newborn) so they got to choose and go as they please. 
Rodeo 2014 - Where we took a newborn, purchased the most expensive bubble blower ever and took home a cowboy.
For the first time, we lost Andrew and Elena at separate times which gave us little panic attacks. Thank God it was short lived and definitely learned the lesson of paying attention to where your group is at all times. 
The boys rode this ride (below) for the first time. I am concerned about Jonah. He likes the thrill too much. 
Actually I'm not concerned at all. I love that he's a thrill seeker (just like his mama) or maybe he's just putting on a show? I don't tell me. 
UUGGHH the games! Those games that cost the same as parking! Those boys wanted to spend their money on those stupid games... All I could do (along with Gary) was to roll our eyes and limit them to 2 games. They always fall for them and it hurts my elbow to give them my money only to walk away with nothing. 
You may think I'm a hater....but I'm not the only one. 
 Next, we went into the show room to visit the animals. The kids are not impressed by them because well, their 2nd home is a farm. There were a few exceptions, though.
The Rodeo usually has a birthing center (which is *heart eyes*) so we bee-lined straight to it because who can resist babies? 
 And then we learned about farming and bee-keeping and other animals.
 The kids got to plant and take some sunflowers which are growing in our garden today!
Andrew was very excited that he would finally participate in his first mutton bustin' (he chickened out last time). But when we arrived to sign him up, he wasn't in the age range and of course, he was sad. Luckily, State Farm had a photo op to minimally satisfy him.
After walking and eating and seeing more stuff, we headed out. But Elena wanted to say hello to the sheriff horses that gathered at the exit. Horsies for life!
 Annnd then more radio station games so they had to stock up on more freebies...
 Made for some great closeups and photo ops!
Have you ever been to the rodeo? We do it short and simple style--no shows--and it works for us. 
Glad you looked! 
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