Monday, April 10, 2017

πŸŽ‚ The Cake & Fun πŸŽ‰

Here's our first installment of the unicorn birthday series! I'll be linking all the other posts here as they go live, but meanwhile sit back and scroll through to check out the cake and the sillies that we had going on that day for our daughter's celebration. Find the first post here.
She turned the big 3 back in February so we celebrated her in central Texas with unicorn everything. Sugar was not in short supply needless to say. 
And she mastered the answer to the age old question she gets any time we go out: How old are you now? 
Check out the pics below and enjoy!
We really appreciated the Schexnider's presence! What would we do without these guys? They helped us out with balloons and were excellent little unicorn models for my DIY unicorn horns...
Even the grandmother's got into the unicorn fun!
We had temporary hair glitter and gems that we used to torture our guests with...
We had coloring pages with unicorns and a endless supply of colors. Uni-kitty was a fave.
Have you ever had a macaroon? No? They're the most sugary scrumptious little things you ever ate. These beauties were handmade and they came out SOOO good! 
(Thanks Ma for always coming through--you're a good macaroon-baker!)
Cake, macaroons, cupcakes, kisses, chocolate pearls, cotton candy ice cream and lots of soda was all eaten and enjoyed that day.
It was fine time to get into that cake (I made it, btw) and a little girl was really sleepy by that time but was a champ at blowing out those 3 little candles. 
As a Mexican tradition, the boys smashed her face into her cake. I don't think she realized what had happened because she was the center of attention and princesses must maintain their composure....
....but then she realized her cake WAS ON HER FACE. 
After her Moomie wiped her face real clean (thanks again Ma!) she was ready to get into that 4-layered, multi-colored unicorn cake! 
And everyone enjoyed it!
Soon after, it was time for presents and games!
We had ring toss, pin the horn on the unicorn, and coloring pages. I grabbed recycled wine bottles, spray painted them and splattered them with glitter. The rings were bracelets that the girls could take with them in their goody bags. 
 After the festivities and people departing, guess who wanted to ride her unicorn again? She's got the face of the sleepiest baby ever but nothing could stop her from putting her boots on and going outside and riding that unicorn πŸ–€
Here are a few WIP pictures from the horns, bottles, and cake for those of you who are curious πŸ˜‰ The poster for the Pin the Horn game was made at Walmart in their printing center (super cheap). 
The tutorial for the horn is here and for the cake, I used Pillsbury Funfetti cake mixes with cream cheese icing. The tutorial for the macaroons is here.
THANK YOU for sticking with the post all the way to the end! And thank you even more for the people that traveled all the way to celebrate our beautiful little girl! 

Have a wonderful week, everyone! PiΓ±ata and unicorn riding post is next, so stay tuned!
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