Monday, August 17, 2015

Bayou Bend Gardens - Houston

during may, we visited the bayou bend gardens. and it was easily 1000% humidity. it was hot (but not as hot as it is right now so i'm not technically complaining) the magnolias were all blooming with their beautiful off-white color and i could have easily stopped at each tree throughout the whole property to photograph them. after all, they stay more still than a child. 
the gardens are a ways down from the museum. so we headed in that direction.
there's a tiny little suspended bridge that you have to cross into the gardens, and for me it was a little unsettling. the stroller hardly fit as it was mostly a 1-person, 1-way type of bridge. not my thing as i freaked out a bit, but definitely cool for an added effect as we go over the buffalo bayou. 
when we finally reached the gardens, the boys just took off. labyrinth type gardens are the best ones to run around in, i gather. some tourists were around but for the most part, it was serene except for the wild witty boys.
 the gardens were so green. so beautiful. so peaceful. i could spend many quiet times here, i imagine.
and those magnolias i was talking about? oh gosh, just look at how a 'mother faerie' appears through those petals. *heart eyes emoji* you don't see a faerie? look closer!
then the butterfly garden--jonah's favorite. he walked and walked in between the bushes not realizing its shape. so i pointed it out. he then pretended to be the butterfly :)
Ima Hogg, known as the First Lady of Texas, planned and overlooked the gardens before she donated the entire property to MFAH. her residence sits atop the hill and is ginormous full of art and beautiful furniture. we did not tour the house but really enjoyed the gardens and what they offered (read: we had to pay extra).
there were steps everywhere. on the trails. pathways. down the ravines. up to the house, down beside the house, into the gardens...definitely not stroller accessible for the most part! 
the boys enjoyed racing each other everywhere.
let's talk about trees. my gosh they are enormous! i nearly broke my neck taking some pictures. i am not a knowledgeable tree person, but i could still appreciate the ancient beings. gary found it interesting that some trees were grounded by cables to protect them from getting hit by lightning. never have seen that before.
i never got tired of taking a picture. we were also hot but nobody cared...the boys always wanting to explore the next part of the gardens & elena always trying to catch up. they wouldn't stand still for pictures so they kept me running. and once i just sat down to rest on the steps in front of the house, we began to play 'red light, green light'. jonah was a big cheater, to no one's surprise...
elena was so proud of herself---she conquered those stairs! 
and up and up she went.
we had finally ran all over the place and it was time to get back on that darn bridge & head home.
i asked the boys to turn around so i could document their tired little faces. their soaking wet hair against their necks and foreheads definitely meant they had had a good time.
houston has so much to offer. if you're ever in the area plan a visit to the gardens! they're unlike any other i've been to. humid, certainly, but beautiful. 
let me know if you have ever visited or recommend other places in houston. i would love to hear about it! 

have a blessed week everyone! 

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