Wednesday, August 12, 2015


there's one thing i absolutely love about my mundane, plain and ordinary life as mom: the laughter i get from my kids. 
that laugh, even while i'm having the most crappiest of days, can turn my frown upside down. it will merit my camera being pulled out from the pits of dustland and the cackles of the Ross come screeching out (hey, everyone has a weird laugh). that unexpected laughter is most welcome when i'm feeling down or cruddy due to momxasperation. 

in my everyday life, i wanna remember how silly you are, little girl. i wanna remember how you potty trained with your brother's spiderman undies. how you have to have your pearl necklace on, otherwise you weren't a lady. how you're a pro at wearing shades and how cute you push them up your nonexistent nose. the way you hold yourself for pictures, smile and say "cheeeeeeessseeee" and you own the moment like you're the boss.

every day is a joyful mystery with you. i'm elated to be spending the next year with just you, while your brothers are school. 

and i cannot wait. 

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