Tuesday, August 4, 2015

houston's biscuit wall

earlier this year, i made sure we stopped at some pretty cool places in houston. one of them included the biscuit wall painted by "Mr. D" (famous h-town artist). it is a home goods store in the heart of montrose. it is usually crowded full of people snapping away selfies or cars driving in and out. but on that sunday we went, it was empty. 
it was bright though.
super bright.
blinding bright, none of us could keep our eyeballs open for a picture.
 and it was blistering hot too. the boys didn't understand why they had to endure such torture, but little girl? happy as can be being free to roam around the parking lot.
 I did love their opposing black wall though. it was such a great backdrop for those boys (it was in the shade!)
it took about 8.2 seconds for all of us to begin sweating. the boys did their best to look at the camera but it was just hard...
finally a nice couple came after a few minutes and offered to take our family portrait in front of the wall. they actually came out great, didn't they?

the biscuit wall is one of the things you "must" see when you visit houston. so,  check that off the Witty bucket list! now, to continue to the We Heart Houston sign and water wall among many others!!!

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