Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School 2015-2016

and it begins again. the hustle and bustle (wha..?) of the new school year. 
this year is a very exciting one. my youngest boy enters Kindergarten after two years of watching his brother take off for school each day. 
he will love being bragged about at school how he is the little brother. how they are related. but i hope he makes his own mark at school. make his own little friends. to be known as Jonah. not Andrew's little brother. 
this morning, before heading out, i took some pictures of my guys--including some silly face ones! 
 So first grade & kindergarten. They're growing up!
daddy will drop them off and I will pick them up. no bus riding for these kids! 

My prayer each day for my kids is this: 
That they lead by example and are lights in other children's hearts. To always choose right from wrong. That any problems they may face, will be resolved with trustworthiness & confidence. That they make the best of friends and get along with their teachers. 

To my husband the school teacher slash coach: I love you and am grateful for your sacrifice and all your hard work. I always pray that you will be an amazing example to your students and that you have the knowledge to guide them through the straight & narrow. Let them look up to you, Coach Witty. 

I hope that your children will have a blessed school year as well! Let's make it a good one...

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