Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the cake!

last post---i promise! 
just wanted to show you guys the cake pics. i've always made the cake for my kids guys, this time i wanted to keep it super simple and focus my energy not on the cake...i think it came out pretty dang good too! 
i had left over cake for a week after the party (please don't ask who ate it), so it's safe to say that there was plenty for everyone even though it was only a two-layer 8-in round cake. 
but first....
simple french vanilla with some cream cheese frosting. no recipe, all from box--just how i like it. and some delicious strawberries to top it off. 
but whooops! look who couldn't reach to blow out her candle?
so since i didn't make her a little smash cake, we encountered a little Witty problem: the dreadful vertical challenge. i really didn't know how the whole thing was supposed to happen - i am a master of winging it - so we basically stood her up, sang Happy Birthday to her, she blew out her candle and then sat her down with a slice from her cake.
she did actually learn how to blow candles prior to her was the cutest thing ever--even with some spit on the cake.
and then she went to town gobbling up that big slice of her cake!
my little mess maker was so sleepy, you can see it in her eyes....but the sugar helped her keep her going for the presents and the piƱata! 
 and of course, we had to give her a little baby doll. it was adorable how she holds it close.
she also received duplo lego blocks, a rain rush, a little kitchen (eeek! my favorite!), and My Little Pony towel and blanket, and some books. all were loved and are cherished. 
and so is this little girl. 
i love that little girl. i had so much fun prepping and making her birthday so special, i really loved how it turned out even if Gary was completely turned off by all the pink. but i was in heaven. 
never really knew how much i wanted a girl, 'til i had a girl. 
have a blessed hump day, guys! 
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