Sunday, February 22, 2015

Elena's first year Photos

are you sick of pink and gold yet? haha! well, these are the pictures i took to celebrate her first year one sunny january day. check out the rest of the pictures in the previous post here. we basically made it a family outing. 
you know what? i am totally in love with the pictures! i never got a chance to take the boys portraits when they were little (i took them to those places like jcp and sears) and while they are good quality pictures, i wish i could have done the same for them. 
you remember that little white rocking chair? it was such a fun prop to go along with those crepe paper flowers i made. 
she was so uninterested in that number. it was such a challenge to have it showing forward. it was definitely a family effort with jonah being a goof behind me trying to make her smile and daddy grabbing and putting her back into her position. it was so laborious capturing that little girl--but totally worth it! 
and she definitely made it known how much she disliked dried leaves and pine that face!
thinking about it, i know she had no clue as to what was happening or why...i can only imagine how crazy it might have looked like if you reversed roles with her. hilarious, i bet. but in the coming years she'll come to learn that when mom has her camera, it's time to take pictures. 
i can't wait to fix up her baby book with these gems! 
i only have one more post to do about her birthday...i promise it'll all be done soon.
we've been trying to get over the stomach bug for the past 2.5 weeks, so it hasn't been all rosey around here (specially with puke). and also, what the heck is a person to do with birthday decorations once the party is over? do you keep the stuff? sell it? throw it away? 
have a great week you guys! 
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