Monday, February 2, 2015

little white rocking chair

when we bought our house, i could imagine using the walls as a backdrop for countless pictures. i chose the color of them to make sure there was no distraction from the subject. when the day is fair, the light that comes in is perfect. and i'm always ready with my big girl camera at my dining table. 
with elena being so mobile already, it's hard to get a non-blurry picture, though. but put a chair that's just her size and it's almost uncontrollably cute what she does. 
so naturally, there i am to snap timeless pictures of her little body climbing up this little white rocking chair. 
she mastered the movements it takes to climb up in a day. she will sit there while no one is watching. just her and some random object in her hands, which these days tends to be a pen or a pencil. 
and sometimes she will drink her milk, all by herself. she's perfectly content in her little while rocking chair.
...and gum the nipple to death because her teeth finally starting coming in. 
my dining room has become my favorite spot to snap pictures of my kiddos. the lighting is beautiful. it's the room we spend a third of our time in each day, so it makes sense to make the most of it, right?
and yes, she's already walking everywhere. i will post a video of her first steps in a future post. :) 
hope you all had a glorious weekend and make sure you enjoy the new week, guys!!!
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