Friday, February 20, 2015

at the park

I wanted to post a few lot of pictures we took a few weeks back, in fact, before E's birthday party. These are actually when I took her 1 year pictures at the local nature center here in north houston. The weather was fair, there was a playground nearby for the boys, and little girl got her first taste of mulch and a slide. It was the perfect time to take pictures of all three of my babies.
 she was the best dressed baby in all the land---even with mulch up her skirt. 
 with no clue as to what would happen next, she braved her first slide with a little help from big bro, Jo.
poor baby girl was a trooper with that hard-to-walk-on mulch...and that concrete boulder never stopped her! 
"see mom? I can do it!"
awww mom, i just wanna swing! whined andrew...but he's such a ham, he couldn't help but smile at my camera. 
then came taking pictures with big brothers, and that was just silly. 
with jonah, being the silliest of them all...
hope you enjoyed! 
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