Thursday, November 13, 2014

throwback thursday - siblings

I thought it would be fun to do another throwback, guys. One afternoon I was caught by my computer viewing un-sorted pictures (it's a never-ending thing, don't ask) and I happened to notice in each of my kids folders, that they had pictures of the same pose. So it just seemed fun to make a quick collage. You know, for comparison's sake? 
The first one is when they all learned to sit up around 4 months or so. And the bottom one is around 6-7ish months...
No, but seriously. Both boys were born in the summer, so their picture is taken during the winter months with pants. Elena was born in the winter and is seen with Bum Genius cloth diapers because "innnn suuuummmmerrrrr!!!" you don't wear pants - duh - (right now is a different story however, as I'm bundled up in the mid 30's outside - brrr!) I was amazed at how much Elena resembles her older brother.
||quick pause for some sniffles||
Ahhhh, my babies. They'll never be that young again. They'll never be that innocent again.
And I'm ok with that.
I like where this motherhood thing is going. Seeing them grow up and get into the next stages of their lives. I cherish experiencing life and growing up with them, but also appreciate how precious those times where when they were each small babes. I'll never have those times again. 
Sniff sniff! 
Don't you love how modern technology makes it so accessible to look back in time? Do you love throwbacks?
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