Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Taking Care of Texas - Goldthwaite

A few weeks back, we attended the opening of the new Botanical Gardens in Goldthwaite, Texas. It is a representation of the land's hillside native plants and ecosystem. The whole community got together to make this happen, which is what impressed me the most. It is also a part of Taking Care of Texas which is founded by Former First Lady Laura Bush. We had the privilege to attend the opening gate ceremony back in October. It was rainy, cold and windy (unusual for October here in Texas, y'all) and we were short on jackets! Luckily, we had a big ol' Papa with us and some blankets and a few sweatshirts. We make dooooo.
Pecans are big in Goldthwaite. It thought it was quite fitting and definitely unique.
I loved the tree branch below. Wouldn't it be fun to have in your backyard so the kids could climb on it and make teepees out of it? 
The first half of the event was not very exciting for these little boys. They were patient, but only a little. Soon, they were restless so I resorted to selfies and games on my phone. 
After a bit, Mrs. Bush finally was up to speak. I enjoyed listening to her because I couldn't quite see her. This was the best my MIL was able to capture of the Former First Lady (insert heart eyes emoji here).
After her speech, she cut the leather strap (ribbon) with a flint knife which was also very unique and appropriate. She was then hustled away in her car by secret service :( Today just so happens to be her birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. BUSH! 
The Comanche Nation of Oklahoma was present, along with other people from the community showing off different skills like medicinal plants and flint sharpening. The local high school had artwork they had done in gardens (super good, by the way). But my favorite part was how much stuff they had for kids. They had tables upon tables of crafts for the kiddos to keep them entertained. The boys colored and made necklaces and took their minds off the cold. 
Then we walked through the garden. It was beautiful. Local plants and grasses. Learning resources of the history of the lands and people. 
The boys loved the hut the best and the rock climbing. Muddy shoes were a must.
If you're ever in the heart of Texas, don't hesitate to stop by. It really is gorgeous and you would be supporting local economic growth! I hear they're building a museum soon! 
The boys and I were wore out and were happy to cuddle with some blankets and heat when we got home. Brrr. Too soon cold, too soon! 
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