Monday, September 22, 2014

give her some bling

Hey guys! i don't know if you noticed something new about baby in my last post. she did a whole lot of new these past two weeks, so maybe you did.
she learned to wiggle across the floor. laugh out loud (the cutest belly laugh by the way). she learned to eat solids and she just turned 7 months.
but she also got something new and sparkly. 
  did you notice? 
yep. miss elena got her ears pierced!!! 
but here's the thing: did you know there are heated debates online (i'm sure there are also some in real life) about piercing little girls ears? WOW. i had no idea! 
the most commonly phrase i've read is, 'it's their body and they should decide if they want pierced ears or not'. sound familiar, doesn't it? yeah....we live in a feministic era.
some of you may know of my hispanic background. having been born and raised in Durango, Mexico where it is culturally acceptable and encouraged to pierce baby's ears as soon as they slide out their mothers uterus. seriously!!!
i  had my done at 6 weeks old. and guess what? i don't remember it. i don't remember the sharp pointed earrings. i don't remember the pain. i don't remember feeling betrayed because i didn't get to choose to have them pierced. 
but i remember, that as i grew up, i always wore earrings and i had to choose which ones i wanted to wear for the day (or i could leave them in all week) and to me, that was fun. i can't wait until Elena gets to pick which ones she wants to wear. but meanwhile, i'll do the picking just like i pick her outfits and which foods she eats and what toys she plays with.
for me, piercing Elena's ears wasn't about beautifying her. she didn't need it. look at her. and it hasn't stopped people from confusing her as a boy even though she normally wears a headband (because i try to stay away from pink) it was partly because i love earrings and because she's my girl. my one and only.
we girls have to stick together, right?! and if we can do that with some earring shopping, then let's do it.
let's bond, baby.
but really, if you really must wait for your baby to choose whether or not to have them pierced, there are Poppy Drops and those look like a ton of FUN. i kinda want to give them a try!
and just for the record, even with my ears pierced at a young age, i remember wearing these sticker-like earrings and having a blast at choosing which pair to wear. 
it doesn't matter---we just want the bling!
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ps. please don't send me horror stories of piercing baby's ears. i respect your opinion of waiting to pierce your baby's ears and you should respect my decision to do so as well. :) have a happy blessed day!