Friday, September 12, 2014


i've been trying to be more intentional. to have a purpose to everything i do. and especially the way i mother my kiddos. the way i wife my husband and the way i treat others in general. the back of my mind right now is going major filing. like tossing out old memories that either cause me pain or are just not worth ever remembering again. so that finally, i can have a little peace.
i sometimes get so overwhelmed, kinda like oh-my-god!-the-world-is-crushing-me-we-are-all-going-to-hell moments and i stupidly succumb to those pitiful emotions....until finally husband pulls me out of that pit and reminds me that what we have is the most special, most wonderful thing we will ever have and to not ever lose sight of it.
you know those sayings, focus on the now. stop and smell the roses, and so forth. so yeah, i've been doing that.
i've also have been trying to get back into the swing of blogging? trying is the key word now. i still blame my iphone. i want to browse this blog and see us grow up. so that i don't forget the important things.
i ordered a hard cover book full of pictures from this year from Shutterfly because it was about time, Lynet. and when it comes it, i will be touching our memories. i can't just stuff everything into the harddrive and never do anything with it! what would be the point of capturing memories, then? so i finally had to do it.
and i hope my staying up late to finish it is worth it.
but meanwhile, for the little things, i wanted to share these photos from the past couple of weeks. because really, they might be unimportant to the world, but they are my everything.
gary took the picture above. he can nail it or fail miserably at taking pictures. i think he nailed it. and yes, my boys run around in their chones a lot. 
check my crafty self out! i actually began cross-stitching again (it's been since 7th grade?) i can't say that i like it because this was not a purchased pattern. i had to print out my grid paper. made my marks & design. erased it. made changes. count endless tiny squares (my eyesight is on a decline, i can tell *sobs*) and never get a good full block of time to finish it because you know, i have 3 needy kids. i'm giving this away as a gift because i do not frequently burst out into song. i am in love with how it turned out though...yayme!
jonah's drawing from church completely impressed me because of the way he drew elena and his mommy. adorable. i heart him.
and jonah's little corner in my studio is so cute. so cute. he is way advanced in his pre-k which is awesome. i do not have to start at square 1!!! BUT. he has heard his brother countless times, week after week, how much he doesn't want to do school that he thinks he must do it also. we'll get through it. we must. 
side note: that octopus craft, is the cutest craft i have ever done. hands down (and yes, i'm patting myself on the back).
this was gary's and andrew's first day back. we enrolled him in kindergarten again. and he's been doing great. no more bus rides for him though and now it's car lines for me (i hate car line and hate is very strong, but appropriate, word). this is us (below) in the car line.
and awana's started back up. i snapped this pic of them having a tea party together. while every one else was playing duck duck goose. i heart them to the moon and back plus a bajillion. 
i scored a great fort-making kit at the local thrift store, and it wasn't missing any pieces! i was amazed. the boys immediately made a fort watched me make a fort and were in hog heaven. this thing is quite fun actually. but the palms of my hands were so sore from putting together the many forts all weekend, ha!
and it pretty much has been a week of firsts for this little girl (you know the sayin, it's all downhill from now or something like that?) 
because she's been walking forward in her walker like a champ. 
grabbed onto her crib railing like a champ. 
learned to suck through a straw and drink all my water like a champ. eats solids like a champ. 
poops like a champ (well, she had that figured out since she was born so it doesn't really count). 
and finally went outside and explored grass like a champ. i must note here that she did not whine and cry when she touched grass like her older brothers do. 
she is now 7 months old and the light of my world. 
so, that's it guys. these past few days have been looking like that....
i've been really trying to update my etsy shop too. did you guys see my pic of my studio on instagram? yeah, that's why it's been taking so long....
tell me, how has your week been? 
please connect with me because i desperately need some internet friendz.... :)  

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