Friday, September 26, 2014

custom painted toms pt 3

back in the beginning, when i kinda wanted to start an etsy shop and the whole paint your shoes things came about, i painted these awesome TOMS for a dear friend of mine (Hi Mel!) she confessed she still wears them and that makes my heart happy. i appreciate it. 
they have actually become quite popular on the internetz and over the summer, i was contacted by a lovely family that just so happened to live in the Houston area and asked me to replicate them.
i said sure, no problem. give me a couple of weeks...
and then #wittyhousereno came about and it was 4 weeks later that i was able to finish them. and so finally, here i present to you the most colorful TOMs shoes ever....

they're pretty close to the real least from what i photographed from the original pair. i had to improvise one entire side because apparently i forgot to photograph it. ha!
and below are so WIP shots.
and here's my client with her shoes. needless to say, she absolutely loved them. 
i have a pair of white shoes personally. i've had them since spring. i still don't know what to paint on them.... polka dots? triangles? i don't know...what would you paint on them?
hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! i'll be back soon to post some other shoes i've recently painted. 
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PS. PLEASE do not use any of these images without giving proper credit (linking back to this post). If you have any questions on how to go about doing that, email me because i care: sanlynet at gmail dot you know what....