Monday, September 8, 2014

bye bye summer

oh my gosh guys.
summer's over. 
i'm not upset by any means. thank the Lord for summer being over. 
as the kids grow each year, it's harder and harder to stop the whining. seems that with each year, they get better at it....and i 'cannot' wait til little girl starts doing it too.
i'm not gonna lie. this summer was hard. it was painful. mostly because of the #wittyhomereno but still, it had its painful moments anyways. there was also a lot that didn't get done and experienced. but with the bad, good comes too, right? there was lots of good moments. and i choose to dwell on the good ones. 
like when i purchased a new palette of watercolors and jonah painted the most beautiful flower just for me even though that annoying blood look-alike stain is still on my kitchen floor. 
or when i finally got to eat a fig (it had been years) and it brought back sweet memories from my grandparents gigantic fig tree in the house they had in mexico...i remember them being so juicy; stickiness just dripping through my fingers.
or the many mornings we were bombarded with kids before we got a chance to get the boogers out of our eyes...i already miss those mornings so much.
and how about all those random times the boys decided to change themselves into something else like Batman or a bunny if only for a few minutes...i don't know how many superman or batman costume trails i had to pickup.
the boys are amazing at legos. they build a lego cities full of amazing robots with all these shooter options i can't even pronounce. they spend hours in the play room just imagining the possibilities and when they bring me their creations, i am just beyond amazed at how their little brain thinks up this stuff.
the most satisfying part of this summer was watching the boys love their sister. they love her. they make her smile. they entertain her. they take care of her when i ask them. they sing silly songs to her. they kiss her head at night. they get grossed out at her drool and dirty diapers (who doesn't?) but i think she loves them more. 
i know when fall rolls around, summer will be a distant memory. no more kids on counters just begging to be on the counter-demanding their chocolate milk. tediously, i fix 4 separate drinks...four. every morning. i say four because hello! my coffee? we don't forget mama's coffee...
sidenote: because of #wittyhomereno, i have light in my house guys! my photos aren't grey or yellowed because of the lack of light like in the old apt.! and that, makes me oh so happy. hard work pays off. remember, focus on the good!
but back to reality. of course each day had its challenge(s)...
how long do i let the kids play on the xbox? why does this kid not get phonics? little girl driving me nuts because apparently i'm the only one she likes. why do all my chores seem to pile up all at once? oh and not to mention their constant need for being entertained. can i just get a little time for me? remember me? i'm a person too. 
my motherly self threw them outside most times when i was 'up to here'. but not for long. i, myself could relax outside. i love paying attention to my yard while i ignored comments like 'the grass is itchy, Mom could you carry me to the porch?' or something like 'mom, i'm sweaty hot, i need a drink to cool off' and they would escape inside to the coolness of the a/c to leave my sweaty grumpy butt behind.
a summer event should be to learn to ride bikes. but bike riding has been so challenging for this guy. he is scared to death of falling--losing his balance--and instantly freaks out. i keep trying to instill in him a sense of braveness, to be a tough guy, but he is so soft-hearted that at times, he melts my heart with his tenderness. he's just not that kind of kid. and that's ok too because when he wants a kiss just because or when he tells me i'm beautiful when i'm least expecting it, that's when i love him the most. 
and pretty much the only time they would enjoy being outside, was when the water was going. and that was alright with me. because summer. duh.
guys, summer is over. 
fall is coming. 
and december is right around that corner. 
days are long but years are short. gotta make the best of them. how about you, are you glad for the changing of seasons? 

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