Friday, July 26, 2013

after it rains

gnomes and faeries make me happy. you should go ahead and add mermaids to the list too. {check out my mermaid homage and buy one please} but mushrooms? oh, they make me happy happy happy. i don't really know where my fascinations came from all i know is that i don't eat them as often as I should. so they're literally a 'treat' when i do get to enjoy them in my meals {insert explanation here of how the hubs is the most pickiest eater alive and hates them}.
and when it rains here, mushrooms pop up everywhere. i've never lived in a part of texas that had mushrooms grow from the ground. i mostly spot umbrella-like mushrooms that pop up in my potted plants, but it must have been fate, because when I checked my mail box that afternoon after a rain, and looked down...i saw these beauties just waiting for me!!! 
these things were enormous! i was ready to chop those babies up and sautee them with some tasty onions. but after some research, we found out they're not edible. they give you a bad stomach-ache. but that's cool. at least they made for a cool photo shoot. did you know that texas has mushroom hunting groups? crazy. 
the next morning, i let the kids play outside and andrew runs back inside bursting that i need to come see this. with such urgency, i had no other choice but to take his hand and be dragged by his eager little body.
this time, it was a family of umbrella mushrooms, biggest I have ever seen since i first started spotting them. 
the way mushrooms surrounded the earth kinda reminded me of the movie Coraline where she's looking for the water well, and she finally finds it {standing on top of it} and there are mushrooms all around the edge. i always love that scene. 
favorite stop-motion movie of all time! 
i was so proud of andrew for letting me know about the mushrooms. it tells me he gets excited about exploring and discovering.
this Sunday, is the husband's 31st birthday. i am taking it easy this year since last year was a super eventjust thinking about that day, makes me tired all over. andrew keeps asking if we can finally make a cake. i tell him not yet. not yet. 
and the signs that school is just right around the corner is saddening, even the hubs has tons of football practives and school meetings planned for the next week. and i cry every night just thinking that my almost 5 year old is about to begin real kindergarten. *hold me, please*
but, let's not be debbie downers, and look forward to the weekend! happy fin de semana, you guys! 
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