Thursday, April 18, 2013

simple moments: found in the morning

Ahhhh the simple moments. Moments in the morning. 
When I come down the stairs after waking up, I literally stop to smell the {roses} flowers. 
Never mind the mess the kitty cats make, never mind that there are dishes in the sink. Never mind that I feel crumbs on the bottoms of my feet from last nights failure to sweep. What I love most is opening my door to 'check' on my garden and plants outside. I love seeing these new geranium blooms. I feel like most flowers I love have a Mexican tie to them. One memory of geraniums that I can remember, was back in my home country Mexico. Our car garage in the house was lined with huge geraniums. I hazily remember my mother showing me that their petals were edible, bending down and picking off a few, then sticking them in her mouth. Now, I can't help but pick a couple and stick them in my mouth. They're tangy and fiber-y. It was something quirky, that I now treasure. I'm sure most people don't eat geranium petals. But I loved them. I think I bought my first geranium last spring, and then I abandoned it during out move across Texas. And now, I have it back. Oh how it makes my heart happy!

this morning was extra special for me. I made a licuado de mango, a mango smoothie
and added strawberries to it. I wanted a pretty swirl of both of them mixing together, but it didn't work. 
So I settled on a blend of the two beautiful colors.
I loved it, even without adding extra sugar. My kitty cat, Prim, did too. 
 And {squishy bear} Jonah woke up and came stomping down the stairs and took over.
So I made him his own little smoothie. 
And then we took an impromptu photo of us (for this post). With Rue, our other kitty cat, photo-bombing us. This is how we look after we wake up. Messy hair, raw, and wack-job of {sans} clothes.
And guess what I found in my back patio again? Mushrooms! 
Andrew's little grass he got from church keeps getting invaded by mushrooms! 
This time 5 umbrella-like mushrooms and of course, I had to photograph them. 
They grow and go away so fast.
 Simple moments. 
I am an observer of things. I love to watch.
So I've been noticing how these tiny little plants have been making my heart so happy lately. I could stare at them and my garden all day, making sure they grow. Measuring them. Criticizing them. Taking care of them.
It's kinda silly, really. Since the other people in my home (three boys, 2 little, 1 big) could care less about the details in growing plants except 'wow! that has grown!'
But I'm not complaining. 
I think it's a phase of mine. I hope it sticks. I hope to get more space and greens in the near future. 
I'm participating in Brooke's blog series, Simple Moments.
simple moments is about finding the small things that make up our everyday, things we want to remember and be thankful for. it's the little bits of our lives that might not be remembered when we are gray and old. so we document it, on paper, with a photo, in a journal, through a blog.  
Happy Thursday errrbody!
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